Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Diamond Solitaire Platinum Certified 1.03ct H-VVS1


Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Diamond Solitaire Platinum Certified 1.03ct H-VVS1

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  • Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Diamond Solitaire Platinum Certified 1.03ct H-VVS1 

    Featuring a Stunning Tiffany & Co GIA Certified Double Inscribed 1.03ct H-VVS1 Genuine Natural Round Brilliant IDEAL Cut Diamond

    MSRP $17,510.00 Plus Tax at Tiffany & Co.

    Save Half By Purchasing Our 

    GIA Certification, Tiffany Inner and Outer Boxes, and Tiffany Gift Bag 

    GIA Certification with Tiffany Laser Inscription and GIA Laser Inscription 

    100% Genuine Tiffany & Co. 

    Captivating Effervescence 

    Make That Astounding Tiffany Statement 

    An Elegant and Timeless Addition to Any Jewelry Collection

    100% Natural Ideal Cut Diamond

    1.03 Carats Total Diamond Weight 

    Solid Platinum

    See Pictures to View the Entire GIA Certificate 

    A Certified Diamond Means That You Will Receive a Certificate With Your Purchase That Has the Exact Specs of Your Diamond

    This Certificate is the Fingerprint of Your Diamond & Since No Two Diamonds Are Alike, This is an Awesome Addition to Your Tiffany Ring 

    All Tiffany & Co. Hallmarks Are Fully Intact 

    Surprise Her With Only the Best 

    The Perfect Engagement Ring

    Like New Condition

    GIA Certified Center Diamond Specs/Quality

    1 natural Diamond (100% Natural Diamond)

    1.03 Carats Total Diamond Weight

    Tiffany Inscription - "T&Co.H12140025 - GIA INSCRIPTION - "GIA 5172278932" 

    Shape: Round Brilliant

    Color: H (Near Colorless)

    Clarity: VVS1 (No Visible Characteristics)

    Cut: Ideal/Excellent (All of the light entering the diamond is reflected back through the top allowing for maximum brilliance, sparkle and fire)

    Measurements: 6.50 - 6.52 x 3.98 mm

    Polish: Very Good
    Symmetry: Excellent
    Fluorescence: None
    Table: 57%
    Depth: 61.1%

    Your Ring's Specs

    Size: 5.5 (Sizing Available Upon Visual Approval)

    Weight: 4.8 Grams

    Metal: Platinum

    Stamps: "TIFFANY & CO."  "PT950" 


    1/4 of an inch off the finger

    1/4 of an inch in width (north/south)

    1/4 of an inch across (east/west)

    We strive to provide the most accurate descriptions possible. Please review our description thoroughly and evaluate our pictures to obtain additional details about the item.

    CAB - 02921/ CMXTPTN