Diamond Tie Tack Pin .18ct 14K Yellow Gold


Diamond Tie Tack Pin .18ct 14K Yellow Gold

SKU - VAA - 04277

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  • Genuine .18ct Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Tie Tack Pin

    100% Natural Diamond

    .18 Carats Total Diamond Weight

    Solid 14K Yellow Gold

    Classic Design

    Understated Elegance

    Perfect for the Man in Your Life

    Excellent Condition

    Diamond Specs/Quality

    1 Natural Diamond (100% Natural Diamond)

    0.18 Carats Total Diamond Weight

    Shape: Round Brilliant Cut

    Color: H (Near Colorless)

    Clarity: VS (No Visible Characteristics)

    Cut: Excellent (Nearly of the light entering the diamond is reflected back through the top allowing for maximum brilliance, sparkle and fire)

    Your Pin's Specs

    Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

    Stamp: Tested

    Weight: 2.9 Grams


    3/8 of an inch in length (east/west)

    3/8 of an inch in width (north/south)

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    VAA - 04277